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Find the key-code in the Webroot Software?

Accessing a Webroot account is easy if the customer is smart with the software related terms. But if an inexperienced person is accessing the account, they need to focus little hard to catch the things.

Webroot technical support Australia helps the users in finding their antivirus key-code which is important for the entire users for the further functions. With these steps user can easily find their key on the different devices.


If a user has Window PC, then they have to follow these steps:

  • If the customer has window PC, then open the main interface.
  • Now customer needs to click on My Account.
  • The next window will be open with carrying all the Key code and subscription details for the webroot profile.

If a user has Mac, then they have to follow these steps:

  • As a first step, customer needs to click on the Webroot icon which is visible in the menu bar.
  • Now open the application, and from the main menu, click on My Account.
  • New window open with the key-code and subscription details.

If a user has Android device, then they have to follow these steps:

  • If the users view the button “Subscription Active” which is placed at the bottom of the screen, they need to click on it.
  • But due to some reason customer are not able to see that “Subscription Active,” on their device, click on the register button and enter the details.
  • Now after login or registration, user can access the details which are placed in their account.

Read thoroughly these points and apply them according to the device setting. And with the Key-Code, a user can access the further details of the account. If the situation gets complex for the customer, then they should try to take help form the experts. For catching the technical support from the experts, customer needs to dial the Webroot Technical Support Phone Number 1-800-764-852 and access the account.

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